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Design - The Boardwalks and Boat Dock

The two boardwalks offer quite different experiences: first, the “wet”  boardwalk is about 4-feet lower than the “dry” one and inundated 5-17” at high tides so that on a hot, humid day, children and adults can don bathing suits and wade  across to the island – actually, like a beach, sloshing through the shallow river waters or resting on one of several wooden “rocks.”  Of course, like a public pool, this will need to be supervised and closed if conditions are deemed unsafe.   Wave baffles will calm excessive waves and deflect debris from the north and the aquarium itself acts like a “break-water” to give similar protection from the south and Pier 11 ferries.  The boardwalk surface needs to be smooth and non-slip, canted about 5% to get the variable depth.   The “dry” boardwalk offers the expected features – a level path to the island suitable for strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, etc. with benches along the way. 


The upper boardwalk also looks down on the floating dock for small boats.   The dock is entered by ramps from the pier’s midpoint, the Tower Pavillion.  At this point, the size and number of tie-ups of this mini-marina is undetermined.   It could be expandable with finger piers and be capable of handling larger vessels in an emergency.  The Boat Dock will provide a revenue source to cover operating expenses and contribute to the non-revenue-producing elements of the project.


Because of the extreme temperatures in winter, low visitation, high costs for heating the water and related maintenance problems, the aquatic exhibit would be drained, cleaned, and covered when temperatures fall below freezing.  A 3,500sf x 12 feet high equipment room will be needed, located under the circular island at the end of the pier, with an adjoining space for animal husbandry and marine life-holding.  Both will be serviced by an elevator from the lower floor to the island deck.




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