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Design - High Tech Island

The two high-tech systems of the island need substantial weather protection on the waterfront and a family of domed glass-houses is shown here for enclosure of all its components.          


On the right, the primary feature at the center of the island is a joy-stick controlled video-camera and group-viewing platform with an elevated ultra-bright, large-screen monitor for simultaneous distance and close-up viewing by 8-10 people.  Since a sense of openness, lightness and inter-visibility is desired, the structure suggested here is in the form of a large “bell-jar” covering the platform and its occupants within enclosing segments of alternately transparent and translucent glass, and openings for entrance/egress in between. The entire structure can be rotated, as can the video-camera, to take advantage of  the staggering variety of ever-changing prospects of the river and its shores.     


The eight “touch-screen” computers depicted at the left and behind are shown here housed in 6’ metal and glass kiosks with self-operating closing doors, sized for one or two users.  Since, like cell-phones, clarity of image is still an issue, the dome-shaped roof is likely to be opaque and the screen inset into a horizontal work-surface shielded by a semi-circular hood.


The subject matter to be programmed is highly varied: the ecology of the rivers and their flora and fauna, the historic development of their abutting lands in the evolution of New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island, as well as the basic practical information on high and low tides, fish populations and water quality. Also, the current concern with global warming and its impact on seawater levels as well as the modification of the urban “heat island” through green initiatives could be addressed.



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