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Design - Pier Aquarium


The experience of viewing the aquarium between the boardwalks is remarkable. Because of the two levels, people on the upper deck look down on the tank with 3-foot-high x 4”-thick cast acrylic sides, while those on the lower deck see into it through 7-foot-high x 4-inches thick cast acrylic walls. This double vantage will create extraordinary cross views of the numerous river fish which, hitherto, have been invisible - more than 100 species of fish including sturgeon (an endangered specie), bass, flounder, crabs and eels, etc.


The four hundred foot long, eight foot wide, seven foot deep horizontal aquarium between the boardwalks will be a closed life support system with salt-water make up and recovery.  BIOS, LLC of Bainbridge Island, WA estimated that the aquarium’s entire 130,000 gallons of saltwater will be turned over every sixty minutes with a 2,167 gallon flow rate.   Water temperature will be maintained at between 62-72 degrees Fahrenheit. 



Because of the extreme temperatures in winter, low visitation, high costs for heating the water and related maintenance problems, the aquatic exhibit would be drained, cleaned, and covered when temperatures fall below freezing.  A 3,500sf x 12 feet high equipment room will be needed, located under the circular island at the end of the pier, with an adjoining space for animal husbandry and marine life-holding.  Both will be serviced by an elevator from the lower floor to the island deck.



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