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Design Features

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Design - Plan Elements

To honor the several suspension bridges linking Manhattan and Brooklyn, including the world-reknowned Brooklyn Bridge, Pier 13 has been reconceived as a majestic suspension bridge form with a 40’ x 40’ structure at the pier’s midpoint, the “Tower Pavilion”. In response to Lower Manhattan’s burgeoning residential population, there is a floating dock on the south side of the pier for small-boat tie-ups. The floating dock, rising and falling with the tides, is accessed by twin ramps from the Tower Pavilion. Inspired by the twin gothic archways of the Brooklyn Bridge, the 80’-high Pavilion has double pointed-arch openings on each of its four sides, and is surmounted by a 60º pitched roof.  The towers will be surfaced in striated metal to recall the masonry pylons of the real bridge. There are four primary cables, 4” in diameter, which are embedded in concrete anchors at each end of the pier.  About one hundred and sixty ½”-diameter vertical hangers and diagonal stiffeners will stabilize the structure.

Rivers Alive! has both “wet” and “dry” boardwalks with an aquarium of local fish and marine life on a 500’-long pier. Its 100’-diameter circular “high-tech” island has a 100’ sculpture soaring above.  The “wet” boardwalk is designed with “wave baffles” to control the East River’s turbulence. Two “high-tech” systems on the island, a large screen video and a network of touch-screen computers, have been designed to withstand the waterfront exposure. The compass-rose paving and sculpture “Ascending Arcs” will  be oriented to magnetic north,  to underscore the maritime history of the City.



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